Whether you are a seasoned professional, amateur or beginner, Vocal Boot Camp will help you to improve your vocal endurance, breath consistency and agility, so you can find your true voice, or greatly expand the voice you already have. Among many exercises and powerful breathing techniques (the base of any optimally functioning voice), you will be implementing a series of exercises using specific vowel and consonant sounds and corresponding head movements to work the cooperative muscles that surround the voice box (larynx).  Just like you’d work muscles at the gym, these unique exercises are designed to create the optimal foundation for you to sing in any style.

Over the course of three weeks, students will
– Work in-depth on powerful breathing techniques which will develop more consistency in your singing
– Increase your breath control
– Make your voice stronger and more consistent
– Enhance your resonance and tone
– Expand your range

Faculty: Douglas Graham

Class meets Sundays from 1:00-3:30 PM for 3 weeks
Dates: April 5, 12, 19
Cost:  $150

Click here to enroll online

For more information,  please call the Box Office at 760-296-2966. 

Testimonial from a past student:

 “Without a doubt I’ve learned more from Doug than I did with my previous instructors. He is meticulous in his instruction, and at the same time very clear about the how and the why of his technique. My singing has improved at a rapid pace, and it’s undoubtedly due to Doug’s knowledge, patience, and dedication to teaching. I would advise anyone, at any level, to work with Doug!”  – John F.

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