Review: ONCE at CVRep

Back in 2007 a little Searchlight film called Once entered my world with a big bang. Although it was not the first Irish musical film about unknown musicians (The Commitments was my first) it made a big impact on me in the same way Everything Everywhere All At Once did – it felt like a new genre of film and instantly became a favorite of mine. Especially the song Falling Slowly, which everyone seems to know. Not so much? The film. When I expressed my excitement over seeing the musical I was hella surprised to learn that most everyone I knew did not know this film.

Director Adam Karsten tells me, “The movie and musical are very different.” He’s not wrong. Although the love story is what also propels the musical forward, it is actually the street buskers who shape the show. Don’t get me wrong, love is still in the air, there is still a “will they or won’t they” romance but it is the “busker forward” production that will take your breath away.


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