Our Mission

Coachella Valley Repertory is an educational, dramatic and musical theatre organization that offers thought-provoking, innovative theater of substance, and a voice to a wide range of artists and visions. CVREP provides productions and outreach programs that positively enrich, enhance and impact the quality of life for residents and visitors in the Coachella Valley.

Our Vision

The vision of Coachella Valley Repertory is to be nationally recognized as a premier theatre organization where reimagined, new and innovative works and education programs are cultivated. By fostering a residence where students, professionals, artists and theatre lovers will come together, CVREP provides an intimate theatrical setting for audiences to connect, be inspired, and discover their passion and commitment to artistic excellence.  

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CVRep recognizes that our programming, staff, performing artists, Board of Directors, and audiences must reflect the rich diversity of the communities we serve. We acknowledge the moral prerogative to tackle barriers for women and people of color and uncover where greater equity and inclusion will be most impactful. CVRep is committed to implementing programs, outreach and hiring practices immediately and transparently, that will allow us to achieve these goals. Our New Works Program, ORIGINS, is one of the first steps we will be taking towards these goals, engaging these practices in all departments of production. Our Board and Leadership has recommended actions that will lead to greater diversity, equity, and inclusion among our staff, creative teams, performing artists, and audience. We plan to be updating on the progress of our work on this space. CVRep has evolved with our reputation as a leader in our industry here in the Valley and while we’ve produced work that has moved our community towards greater inclusion-we believe we can still work to create the safe and inclusive environment we envision. As we build a future upon our past, it is vital that equity, diversity, inclusion and justice for all be essential to our guiding principles. We do so, moving forward with commitment and inspiration. 

CVRep is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit professional theatre company, that has Small Professional Theatre (SPT) status with Actors’ Equity Association.Tax ID#95-4304295

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Coachella Valley Repertory

Thought-provoking Theatre of Substance

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