July 7th – 8th, 2012 CV Rep presented a Summer Staged Reading of Roger Karshner’s critically acclaimed comedy, “The Man With The Plastic Sandwich.” “Fired after twenty years, Walter Price encounters three provocative characters while contemplating his options on a park bench: Ellie, a high spirited ingenue who represents hope; Haley, a distinguished hobo representing wisdom; and Lenore, a hooker who represents reality.”

“You will laugh until your sides feel as if they will burst, until your eyes begin to water, until you are sure that one more clever line or witty exchange will send you into a laughing fit from which you may never recover.” – The Chicago Sun Times

“Truly high comedy…I can’t think of a soul who wouldn’t love the off beat characters.” – Chicago Reporter/Progress Newspapers

April 19th – May 6th, 2012 CV Rep presented a 3-week run of Michael Weller’s “What The Night Is For,” its second in-house production for an adult audience. “What The Night Is For” is a flirtatious, funny, and thoughtful award-winning play that explores timeless questions about marriage, infidelity, and finding your soulmate. Indeed, Talkin’ Broadway described Michael Weller as “one of the most emotionally and sexually acerbic playwrights around.” We are indebted to our amazing cast (actors Peter Trencher and Jan Broberg) and crew for their talented performances and intrepid work during this time!

January 25th – February 5th, 2012 CV Rep debuted William Mastrosimone’s “The Woolgatherer,” its first first in-house production for an adult audience. Featuring actors Courtney DeCosky and Chip Bent, it was celebrated in local press: Jack Lyons of DesertLocalNews.com wrote, “the beauty and the joy of this production, which is seamlessly and creatively directed by [Ron] Celona (the company’s Artistic Director), are the performances of DeCosky and Bent. Their on-stage chemistry perfectly compliments the characters that playwright Mastrosimone must have envisioned and more.” And Bruce Fessier, Arts and Entertainment Reviewer for The Desert Sun, stated that “after [CV Rep’s] second straight high-quality play, the Coachella Valley Repertory is making a strong argument that it’s the missing piece in this desert’s cultural tapestry.”

Courtney DeCosky & Chip Bent in THE WOOLGATHERER

December 6th-Dec. 16th, 2011, “Thank You For Flushing My Head in the Toilet” opened for school children throughout the Coachella Valley.  December 10th CV Rep offered a public performance.  “Thank You for Flushing” was the story of Achilles and Helen, with whom getting bullied is a dismal fact of life – Achilles regularly has his head flushed in the toilet, and Helen invents reasons to arrive late to school so she can avoid a vicious clique. When cool girl Glinda magically materializes and offers them a way out, they each jump at the chance. But Glinda’s solution is to turn them into the very people who have tormented them. Can Achilles and Helen find another way out?

November 18 – 20th, “VIVIEN” opened as a limited engagement and fundraiser at the Coachella Valley Repertory Theater. Proceeds were to benefit CV REP. “VIVIEN” starred renowned actress Judith Chapman, who utilizes her time, talent, and love of the theater to perform and raise money for organizations like the Coachella Valley Repertory.

Opening in a darkened theatre, “VIVIEN” was an illuminating journey beyond Leigh’s triumphs into the madness that tortured her all of her life, as she reflected on her tumultuous relationship with actor Laurence Olivier and her tragic battles with manic depression and tuberculosis.  The very English Leigh also expresseed her insecurities, despite winning two Oscars for her “Southern Belle” performances in “Gone with the Wind” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

Other highlights of the play were Leigh’s frank, often humorous “conversations” with the people who touched her most, including friend and confidante Katharine Hepburn, Winston Churchill, Olivier, co-star and lover Peter Finch and critic Kenneth Tynan, whose harsh stage reviews haunted the actress throughout her career.

Judith Chapman, her generosity, spirit and support is appreciated and honored by the whole CV REP Board of Trustees.

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