CVRep’s Youth Outreach Production has been met with tremendously positive response from both student and adult audiences.

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“I learned that even if you are being bullied you should never bully them back because then you are the cause of the problem too.” – Jazmin, student

“What I liked about the play is that it explained and showed some of the bad personal things girls go through that not everyone likes to talk about.” – Karen, student

“It is important for girls my age to see this play so they can see how their words and actions can really have an impact on someone and so they can just learn to be nice to other people.Nowadays girls are constantly bashing each other and talking behind each others backs when we should be supporting one another.”Krystal, student

“It is important for girls my age to see plays like this because the play shows that you don’t have to be afraid to talk to someone if someone is bullying you.”  – Melina, student

“Everyone in attendance was blown away by the outstanding performances and strong messaging throughout. The students have already started sharing what they saw/learned with their friends here on campus.” – Jessica Simpson, Academic Coach from Desert Springs Middle School

“Wonderful show. It’s going to help a lot of kids get over/through the bullying issue.” – James and Carol Egan, CVRep patron

“The student production was stunning. It was so encouraging to see how involved the students were. The Q&A was so meaningful.” – John Reece, CVRep volunteer

“Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre is always held in high esteem for their efforts to reflect diversity and unique perspectives on the stage. Linda Daugherty’s play, The Secret Life of Girls, does a phenomenal job of taking us into the world of high school where we are witness to the taunts, bullying and demeaning behaviors that teen girls can sometimes inflict and endure.” – Dee Jae Cox, Theatre Critic for Coachella Valley Weekly

“One of the eye-opening realizations in the play is the constantly shifting alliances among the girls, along with the pettiness and bullying that accompanies those shifts. I came to realize that some who are bullies may end up being bullied when alliances change, and that adults are often completely unaware of what’s going on.” – Anita Rufus, Columnist for Coachella Valley Independent

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