Hold These Truths_1“It’s a compelling story that will astound most theater-goers.”
– Bruce Fessier, The Desert Sun

“HOLD THESE TRUTHS is a fabulous choice to end CVRep’s season, which carried the theme ‘The American Melting Pot.’ Don’t miss it. It will make you laugh, think and perhaps shed a tear or two. And it reminds us all that rocking the boat is sometimes necessary—in fact, it can change history.”
– Bonnie Gilgallon, Coachella Valley Independent

“. . . compellingly written by Jeanne Sakata and insight-fully directed by CVRep artistic director Ron Celona…It’s a creative blending of theatrical conventions that lend weight and heft to the captivating, and at times, poignant onstage performance of Blake Kushi.
– Jack Lyons, DesertLocalNews.com

“Actor Blake Kushi, who appears in HOLD THESE TRUTHS, is not yet a household name, but he deserves to become one. In this production, he plays each character from the heart – especially the protagonist. His versatility enables him to perform multiple characters who speak in Japanese and English and whose voices, accents, and facial expressions differ from each other’s. The result is a brilliant performance. ”
– Audrey Liebross, BroadwayWorld.com

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