Before the performance was even finished, Bruce Fessier of The Desert Sun tweeted, “HAPPY HOUR by CVRep is worthy of going to New York…”  His full review with the headline “Gavin MacLeod lifts ‘Happy Hour’ to new heights” can be read by clicking here.


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“Gavin MacLeod and John Hawkinson, knocked the socks off the opening night audience. As we say in the theatre, when a two-hander (just two cast members) is ‘cooking on stage’ everyone in the audience is transformed as well.” – Jack Lyons,

“HAPPY HOUR is both touching and hilariously funny.”
– Audrey Liebross,

HAPPY HOUR will make you laugh … and cry … and think. If your parents are still living, it might just inspire you to give them a call.” – Bonnie Gilgallon, Coachella Valley Independent


Audience members have been lighting up social media with their reviews too.

” Great writing, fantastic sets and superb performance by Gavin MacLeod of “Love Boat” fame makes this show one of the best I’ve seen in our little valley. Very appropriate and poignant story that gets real close to home. CVRep knocked in out of the park with this one.” – Dan Barber

“Bravo for an AMAZING show! The acting, directing, set design were all superb. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Gavin was unbelievable!” – Nancy Nevil

“It was spectacular from start to finish! Great play, perfect set, flawless directing, beautiful acting and Gavin is such an inspiration to us all! Lordy! What an abundance of lines and wealth of talent!” – Barbara Keller

The performances are superb and you will find yourself laughing and crying. The subject is pertinent to many of us and our families. We strongly recommend your seeing it!” – Alice Harnell

If anyone doesn’t have tickets to CV Rep’s World Premiere production of Happy Hour, written by George Eastman, get them ASAP! The amazing play, starring Gavin MacLeod and John Hawkinson, is funny, heart wrenching, and tear producing…..a Coachella Valley must see! Ron Celona’s directing is brilliant!” – Jaci Webb Mach

Great show with a lot of impact!” – Gordon Parr

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