Wednesdays and Fridays, 4:00-5:30 PM, May 18-June 10, 2022
Middle & High School Students

Students may join the class during the first week, but registration will be closed after the second class.

This class is a student led, collaborative class that focuses on nurturing a student’s confidence in their individual creativity and ideas. As a class, we will collectively make decisions to create a show from scratch, from nothing.

Our focus is on building collaborative skills, nurturing a student’s own voice, and creating a performance that everyone is excited about. The class decides what the show will be about, who the characters will be, the costumes, the props, everything! The final performance will be created entirely by the students, from the acting to the light design, to the props, to the movement on stage. Build skills that go beyond theater—collaboration, compromise, and confidence in one’s own creativity are all useful tools for everyone. Build leadership skills, explore all areas of the theatrical process, and see your ideas come to life in my class.


Coachella Valley Repertory

Thought-provoking Theatre of Substance

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